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AGB & Partners Realty

The Brief

This project was commissioned by AGB holdings company which required visuals for its latest developments. They wanted to put the apartments on the market prior to them being built (i.e. sold on plan), and 3D visuals would help potential buyers see the value of their investment. AGB presented two apartment blocks:

Naxxar:  requirement was to have visuals for facade as illustrated in the elevation plans, a maisonette back yard (ideally with pool or jacuzzi) and the penthouse terrace (staged). 

Tarxien: requirement was to have visuals of the corner apartment block, the interior of a corner apartment open-plan, as well as penthouse terrace with plunge-pool.

Final Renders with Post Production

Naxxar Apartments Project

Naxxar Apartments 2nologo.png

Facade with neighboring buildings

Naxxar Apartments 1nologo.png

Facade alternate angle with neighboring buildings

Naxxar Ground Floornologo.png

Masionette Back Yard

Naxxar Penthousenologo.png

Penthouse Terrace

Tarxien Apartments Project

Tarxien Apatments Facade v2 w logo.png

Facade front

Tarxien Apatments Facade alt v2 w logo.png

Facade corner alternate angle

Tarxien Apatments Facade alt 3 v2 w logo.png

Elevated view showcasing terrace deco / staging

Tarxien Apartment Living Dining w logo.png

Apartment open-plan staged

Penthouse Terrace v2 w Logo.png

Terrace beauty shot (with plunge pool)

Production Stage

Naxxar Elevation Streetscape.JPG
Kitchen Living Naxxar.JPG
Naxxar Shot 2.JPG

For the Naxxar project, the neighboring buildings were a lot more detailed than the development within brief but luckily a number of assets (such as the traditional maltese doorway and balcony) were already modeled from previous projects. The facade itself, finished with a typical graffiato plaster finish was very straight forward, the bigger challenge was the relatively constricted open-plan of the maisonette, which was placed toward the back of the building.

The right camera angle that would capture the interior as well as the back yard was challenging to find but I eventually decided to take the shot from the very back of the yard wall, and while details in the kitchen might have gone unseen the result was a very happy client. 

The Tarxien apartment block was more challenging as it deviated drastically from the elevations plan presented. In fact a number of test iterations had shown heavily beveled balconies and the color finish was quite different. The client had to revert back to the architect to confirm a few details before I was able to close this off.

Tarxien Elevation 1.JPG
Tarxien Facade 2 pp.png

The aluminium (timber finish) facade deco. was removed, as was the grey finish from the ground floor. The client decided to go with grey balconies instead. 


While I haven't come across the Naxxar visuals yet, the Tarxien project has been promoted quite substantially on AGB's social and marketing platforms.

Tarxien Facebook post 3.jpg
Tarxien Facebook post 2.jpg
Tarxien Facebook post 1.jpg
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