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Costa Coffee Franchise

The Brief

Architect Charles Azzopardi (Perit #680) approached me regarding a collaborative opportunity for the design of Costa Coffee's newest café in Malta. Situated within a prominent development in the bustling square of the sea-side town Bugibba, this project presented an exciting challenge. The franchise manager expressed a desire to subtly diverge from previous branding strategies, aiming to infuse the café with a distinctive character while maintaining the essence of the Costa brand. The design brief called for the incorporation of a new 'coral' color alongside the iconic Costa red, complemented by shades of pink and distinctive palm prints.

The Final Renders, Post Production

Following several iterations presented to the franchise manager, the below set of six (6) interior renders and two (2) facade renders were formally submitted and subsequently approved by the client. It was communicated that these renders were then forwarded to the Costa Coffee Head Office for the final approval of the local franchise's initiative.

Sub3 cam1 pp.jpg

View 1- Seating with Bean Logo

Sub3 cam3 pp.jpg

View 2- Seating from Bar, inc. Merch stand

Sub3 cam2 pp.jpg

View 3- Terrazzo Bar

Sub3 cam4 pp.jpg

View 4- Beans Logo

Sub3 cam5 pp.jpg

View 5- Seating Area

Sub3 cam6 pp.jpg

View 6- Banquet Seating with Art

Facade cam3 single signage.jpg

Facade- Single wordmark on white plaster and two projecting signs

Facade cam1 single signage.jpg

Facade front view

Production Stage

Test View 3.JPG

Once the space and assets were modeled in Blender, the layout as presented by the client via CAD was replicated and textured according to the client's initial brief. The 'coral' colour was predominant throughout the initial test renders

Merchandise Stand.JPG

Great care was given to the brand guidelines that were presented to me together with the CAD drawings. The like the merchandise stand had to be modeled to spec, while the chairs were modified from an existing asset at my disposal. The specifications for the facade and it's logo were quite rigid and a number of tests back-and-forth had to be managed, as the owner of the building itself was not keen on a Costa-Red facade. 

Test View.jpg

The franchise manager began drawing back to emphasis on the coral until they were pleased with the balance. In the rendition above, it was limited to the wall adjacent to the bar, complimenting the gold "3 beans" logo. 

Material & Furniture2.JPG

Post- Submission

The project was successfully executed within a condensed timeframe of two weeks, driven by the client's imperative to meet challenging deadlines. The Costa Coffee Cafe in Bugibba has since commenced operations, showcasing a polished aesthetic and open for business! 

Costa Facade.jpg
Costa Terrazo.jpg
Costa Artwork.jpg
Costa Coral.jpg
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