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Office Refurbishment

The Brief

The telecommunications operator Melita (Malta) commissioned visuals to assist their facilities department in illustrating their proposed design and intended renovations for a new space which would house the marketing teams. The significance of this space was underscored by the inclusion of the CEO's office within its confines. Utilizing realistic 3D visuals proved instrumental in enhancing the appeal of the design concept during presentations to the Executive Committee.

Final Renders with Post Production

Kitchinette & Sitting Area.png

CEO's office with private kitchinette

CEO Office Staged 2.png

Dedicated CEO Office render with timber feature wall

CEO Office Staged.png

View of CEO Office from marketing executive's desk

Marketing Desks.png

View of marketing department desks with Melita logo evolution

PA &HOM Offices.png

View of CEO PA Office, and Marketing Manager Office

Production Stage


The uplift for this space was made quite easier because it followed the same design that had been implemented throughout the rest of the offices. Visual references for the renders were made easier, and a walk-around the site with the facilities manager was enough for a pretty solid brief. 

The facilities manager was very good with sketch-up so 2D plans were available to me, which allowed me to use them as scale references while building the 3D space in Blender. 

Once the assets were built and layout of ducting and soundproofing (which the client was adamant on showcasing accurately) placed, the texturing followed next which as straight-forward. The tiling that I used was placed at an off-set which wasn't originally to the plan (it went unmentioned), but it was liked enough that it's been installed as represented in the renders. The slatted timber feature wall was modeled by using arrayed booleans which were used to cut through a singular well-polyed mesh, that had a displacement modifier rigged to it. 

The lighting was adjusted over a number of iterations to diffuse any darker shadows softly towards the rear of the room where natural light wasn't as abundant. The client approved the above final versions, and a little post-production magic through Photoshop gave it that level of contrast, texture sharpness and bloom (a little). 

Works Underway


Cable trays and ducting over CEO Office


Gypsum works, Marketing Section with printing alcove


Re-creating of Rendered shot (off-set tiles!)


Marketing Desk section


The renders were showcased to the Executive Committee, receiving their approval to the delight of the Facility Department. Subsequently, they were shared among all employees and featured prominently in a 'Progress Update' pertaining to the office uplift project.

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