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Open-plan Apartment

The Brief

For this particular project, the client sought a series of renders to highlight the potential in her square-layout apartment. The primary challenge stemmed from the inherent spatial constraints, so creative design solutions that optimized functionality without sacrificing aesthetics or inducing clutter were sought. 

The client did not have any particular style requirements as the property was to be sold while still on-plan. The main drive for the visuals was to use them as promotional / advertising tool which would be paired together with the plans themselves on the realtors websites.

Final Renders with Post Production

GR Kitchen_Dining Shot.png

Kitchen front dining section

GR Balcony Angle.png

Kitchen and lounge view

GR Living_DiningShot.png

Lounge with Dining View

Production Stage

Refernce Plan.JPG
Layout A.JPG

A screenshot of the plan was used as a reference for scale on Blender, which allowed me to model the space to the appropriate dimensions. This gave me a good foundation to start mapping out the layout of the Kitchen-Living-Dining space. The inherent difficulty was the limited amount of space for a more traditional open-plan layout. In fact once the assets of a template sofa was added to the room (initially opposite the kitchen) with the TV against the wall, it became very evident that this wasn't going to work.

I presented two options to the client, and they agreed with the preferred version of introducing a timber finished divider that allowed the space to remain un-congested yet separate the rooms. 


Working off a number of reference images that I found online I was able to model the room together with the client by sending over some test renders that also represented the camera angles of the room we'd be rendering. I hit the nail on the head when I chose to work with greys and timber, apparently the client's own home actually had that very colour scheme. Brilliant!

Layout A Setup2.JPG

Test Render- Kitchen & Dining Table

Kitchen Setting GR.JPG

Kitehen Reference Image

Layout A Setup.JPG

Test Render- Lounge, Kitchen & Balcony

Layout B Set Up.JPG

Rejected layout


The client's criticism mainly revolved around a test render that showed greenery through the balcony doors; asking that it instead be a view of rooftops or typical apartment buildings. Apart from that, the client agreed to some props and staging assets to keep it from looking bare, but not too much that it looked lived-in, as the brief was to advertise it as a new property.

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