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Converted Farmhouse

The Brief

A project commissioned by ZAR Studios, Malta, with the intent of showcasing their design concept for a converted farmhouse with particular emphasis on an old Mill room converted to a kitchen. The young couple that acquired the property wanted to see the designs through realistic visuals before committing to the expenses of some major alterations to the space. 

Final Renders with Post Production

ZBG.MB - V03.png

Sketch-up representation of Kitchen

ZAR MB V03 Final Render PP_edited.jpg

Kitchen as seen from living room

ZBG.MB - V01.png

Sketch-up representation of archway

ZAR MB V01 Final Render PP.jpg

Semi-circular archway with bridge

The designer / architect presented sketch up renditions of what they had planned for the space, however they fell short of detail and texture fidelity. Together, we were able to bring the visuals to a level of realism that allowed the end-client to get a better feel of the space prior to committing to the alterations. 

By using the exported sketch-up model as a reference in blender itself, I was able to model the majority of the assets and create the 3D space. We held several online meetings where test renders from my side were presented, and feedback was brought forward from ZAR Studios; the main iterations were 'modeling' first, followed by 'texturing' and later 'lighting'.


Cross-sectional as presented by client

ZAR MB Cross Section Final Render PP bloom.jpg

Cross-sectional as modeled and textured for client

ZAR Studios also required a cross-sectional image of the space following, showcasing the large windows to the internal courtyard, bridge to the bedroom and removal of a doorway which would have led to the stairs as represented in the image above. ZAR was keen to use this image as part of their portfolio. 

test render 1.png

Early stages light test

no color test.png

Introducing artificial lighting elements


The project went ahead, as it was accepted by the end-client. Some of the designer finishings were discarded to save on costs however the client was eager to share the above photographs with me to show how close and accurate the renders actually were.

capture 2.JPG

Site photo of semi-circular archway

Kitchen 2.jpg
Kitchen 1.jpg

The kitchen today

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